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Geist by Philippa Ballantine

Geist - Philippa Ballantine

I have to admit it was the title of this book which caught my eye and influenced my decision to read it. "Geist" means in German ghost and after reading the blurb I knew I would be interested in reading the whole book. I didn´t regret it although at first the concept of a Bond between Guardian and Sensitive reminded me of the Heroes-Series by Moira J. Moore. But thankfully Ms. Ballantine´s execution of this storyline is different and original. I also liked that the heroine of this book Sorcha Faris is married to her Sensitive Kolya but because he was hurt in a battle she gets a new partner, Merrick Chambers who´s young but very powerful and a bit freightened by Sorcha´s forceful nature. The new partners are sent to the little town of Ulrich to investigate the growing geist activities in this area. After a shipwreck they´re rescued by Raed Syndar Rossim, a pirate with royal blood who is also on his way to Ulrich. Arrived there they are at once in danger to lose their lives and have to join forces to resolve the strange events...
The book is a mixture of paranormal fantasy, steampunk, mystery and a bit of romance but it worked very well for me. Although I have to admit the heroine is a bit too cold for my taste and it took me quite some time to warm up to her but the storyline was intriguing and so I could cope with her not so likeable character traits. What I really didn´t like was Sorcha´s addiction to cigars, sorry, when I´m imagining her bad breath... eww .. but that´s probably just me being a non-smoker all my life.