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Kriegsklingen (The Blade Itself) by Joe Abercrombie

Kriegsklingen. First Law 01. - Joe Abercrombie

This is the story of Logen Ninefinger a warrior of the north, Inquisitor Sand dan Glokta a former brilliant young swordsman now a torturer, Captain Jezal dan Luthar a vain and self-obsessed nobleman, Bayaz the first of the Magi, Bethod King of the Northmen, Collum West, an armyofficer, Ardee West his sister, Ferro Maljinn and some more...
To give a proper synopsis of this book is difficult, many characters are introduced in this first installment of the "First Law"-Series and if I really think about it – not much essential happens it´s more a setting for the story to come. But it isn´t boring at all – on the contrary! I´ve read the book in a very short time because I wanted to learn more about the interesting main characters who are real "anti-heroes" only brought together by Bayaz the Magi to save the world. The characters are well-drawn never only good or bad, the plot is interesting, the writing style is humorous and you get insight into the characters and their train of thoughts. Nearly every protagonist has his fav. saying, I liked Logen´s "You have to be realistic about these things" best.
All in all I can highly recommend this book if you´re interested to read an exceptional fantasy book!