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Archangel by Sharon Shinn

Archangel - Sharon Shinn

Angel Gabriel, being next in the line to become Archangel and lead the annual Gloria to assure God everything is in harmony has a problem. He needs to find his chosen bride by God – the Angelica – within six months to assist him with the Gloria or desaster will strike. He isn´t happy about Rachel being a farmer´s daughter und probably untutored to lead the Gloria with him. But God´s will has to be obeyed. When Gabriel arrives at the village where Rachel is supposed to live he finds everything is destroyed and there´s no trace of his future wife. Where should be start searching for her now?
I´m absolutely enthusiastic about this book, the confrontations between Rachel and Gabriel are a demonstration of misunderstandings between man and woman. Gabriel doesn´t always show much sensibility (e.g. one of his wedding gifts) in dealing with his wife and hurts Rachel´s feelings and Rachel is more than once only stubborn to have her own way because for the sake of stubbornness. The plot is exciting, the environment unique, the characters likeable and the romance is heartwarming. Furthermore the difficulties of transition between old (Raphael) and new (Gabriel) Archangel shows how hard it is for a longstanding leader to give up privileges, power and leadership to a younger generation when the time has come. Raphael stops at nothing to prolong his reign and to hinder Gabriel to sing the Gloria.
I was really entchanted by this book!