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Working for the Devil by Lilith Saintcrow

Working for the Devil  - Lilith Saintcrow

What would be your answer when Lucifer, Prince of Hell would offer you a job and you get two options: if you don´t take it you would be killed or if you take it you could be killed? Right! Dante Valentine a necromance and bounty hunter chooses the second possiblity at least she´d have a chance to survive. An important artifact the "Egg" has been stolen by the demon Vardimal Santino from Hell and Dante´s task is to hunt Santino down, kill him, grab the Egg and bring it back to Lucifer. Seems easy enough but of course there´s a catch – two in fact – Santino can´t be killed neither by a human nor by a demon and Lucifer forces her to accept the help of his assassin demon Japhrimel to increase her chances of success. And that Santino killed Dante´s best friend Doreen five years ago makes this job even a personal vendetta..
First I wasn´t impressed with Dante´s characterization. Usually I´m not really fond of snappish and headstrong women who don´t listen to other opinions and are determined not to accept help just to prove a point. But Danny has friends who are also as determined to accompany her and finally she has reluctantly and with much bickering to accept that a demon is following her every step. When Jace Monroe Dante´s ex-lover appears on the scene things are starting to heat up in the romance department because Japhrimel isn´t so immune to Dante´s charms as a demon is supposed to be. The story takes place in a futuristic world – glimpes of what happened in the past are mentioned throughout the book, ancient Gods seem to have returned and have their worshippers again and the devil is playing around with science and genetic engineering..Alltogether it was a good mixture of action, suspense and romance and I have to read the second volume soonest to find out what will happen next... (because the end wasn´t really satisfying for me)!