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The Nymph King by Gena Showalter

The Nymph King  - Gena Showalter

Valerian the nymph king of Atlantis has a problem. To strengthen his men after a war against the dragons they need sex. A lot of sex. But their own females aren´t available and so Valerian plans to go to the surface (Atlantis is situated beneath the ocean) to get human females for his nymph warriors. Shaye Holling is at her mother´s wedding at a Florida beach when suddenly warriors emerge out of the water, kidnap every single woman and take them back to Atlantis. While every woman is delighted by the beauty and sensuality of the nymphs and can´t get quick enough into their beds only Shaye and an other girl aren´t happy to be held prisoner and resist their kidnapper. Valerian who has at once recognized Shaye as his mate is confused – it has never happened before that a woman did not want him at first sight..

If you like a cynical heroine, an irresistible nymph king who wants nothing more than to show a girl with a fear of relationships the joys of sex and a girl who fights her would-be seducer with all her might and very suddenly gives in – that is the book for you. The plot made me yawn even the supposed villains the dragons are a pathetic lot and have no chance at all against the powerful king. Perfection is boring, let me tell you.

My needs of sappy romances is satisfied for while…