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The Blood Books Vol. I by Tanya Huff

The Blood Books, Volume I - Tanya Huff

Blood Price

Vicky Nelson, a former police-woman, now private investigator becomes witness of a terrible murder in a Toronto subway station. The victim has severe throat injuries and the body is drained of blood. When other murders happen in the exactly same way the media start to conjure up the picture of a vampire dealing out death and destruction.

Henry Fitzroy is a vampire and not happy at all about the suspicion against his kind. He lives unrecognized between people and he wants it to stay that way. He decides to stop the killer who is threatening to uncover that vampires really exist.

Eventually Vicky and Henry met and after he has convinced Vicky of the existence of vampires they join forces to clear up the murders…


Blood Trail


In the second book Vicky and Henry are investigating who is killing Henry´s werewolf friends. Mike Celluci, Vicky´s ex-colleague and time and again lover is – driven by jealousy – looking into Henry´s past and comes as well to the werewolves´ farm to confront Vicky with something he thought to have found out about Henry…


Both stories were entertaining but not really captivating. Too soon we learn – long before our investigators – who the villain is and for this reason I didn´t follow their investigations with bated breath. I couldn´t really connect with Vicky´s character I admit and although I liked her permanent banter with ex-colleague Mike Celluci it was getting sometimes really too much. The beginning "lovestory" between Henry and Vicky is boring, I never could comprehend the supposed attraction between the two. I´m sorry but Henry isn´t the epitome of a seductive vampire to me, I´ve already read about others who apply much better to my imagination what a "hot" and seductive vampire has to look like. The Mike/Vicky relationship is far more interesting in my opinion. What was annoying me after reading it for twentyfifth time was that Vicky constantly had to "push her glasses up her nose". Girl, go to your optician to get yourself better fitting glasses for heavens sake!

Although I enjoyed reading this book and I will definitely read the next volumes in this series I wasn´t really impressed. It´s a wonderful read for in between but I couldn´t indulge in my hot and sexy vampire attraction, sigh!