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Omm Sety´s Egypt by Hanny el Zeini & Catherine Dees

Omm Sety's Egypt: A Story of Ancient Mysteries, Secret Lives, and the Lost History of the Pharaohs - Hanny El Zeini, Catherine Dees

Omm Sety



that her name may be remembered


"What if, one day, you fell down and lost consciousness, and when you woke up you found strange memories in your head? And what if you pursued those memories, only to discover that they had instead been pursuing you?"

With these words begins one of the most fascinating books I´ve ever read. It´s the story of Omm Sety, an English woman who lived and died in her beloved Egypt.

Dorothy Eady was born 1904 in London. At the age of three little Dorothy fell down the staircase and was unsconscious. The immediately called for family doctor thought her dead but Dorothy regained consciouness again. But she was changed. She suddenly had paranormal experiences and visions she nobody told about. She started to remember her former life in ancient Egypt as a young virgin priestess of Isis and Osiris in Abydos. Her name was Bentreshyt (Harp-of-Joy). One day she met the pharaoh Sety I and a forbidden love began which ended with Bentreshyt´s death. Millenia long Sety searched for his beloved till he found her again in Dorothy so that both could make amends of their sin against the gods…

When Dorothy was grown-up she went to Egypt where she was called Omm Sety and she lived and died in Abydos at the temple where her story as Bentreshyt began.

She talked with Sety about many things regarding ancient Egypt and this book is filled with interesting information about his time and of the 19th Dynasty e.g. where the tomb of Nefertiti could be found, about a great Hall of Records in Luxor or the afterlife in Amenti. She kept a diary where she wrote down his answers and after her death these diaries where given to her friend Dr. Hany el Zeini, one of the authors of this book.

I found the concept of rebirth Sety told her about very intriguing. It´s a different point of view to our belief of continued rebirth. When they talked about a person Sety knew from his past and who had come back to earth again Omm Sety wanted to know if that person had been reborn as a baby but Sety replied no. He told her that people are sent back usually for two reasons, to pay for some sin or to fulfill some important work in the world. For the first reason they were usually sent into a body very closely resembling their original one. They would enter the new body at the very moment of its death, or at a time when it was deeply unconscious. "This is what happened to you.." he said. Furthermore she told him that people believed that everyone returned to earth until they became perfect and sinless. Sety answered: "If they believe this, perhaps it happens for them. But for us, it is not so."

That let me think about the so-called "walk-ins" I´ve read about – another being taking over a dying body, the original soul leaves and makes room for a new soul. But that always happens by mutual agreement I´ve read, no other being could take over someone´s body who didn´t give his or her consent. (Another book of a walk-in story is "Athor" by Evelyn Fuqua, a therapist). It would explain the long time Sety searched for Bentreshyt, maybe a fitting body wasn´t found before.. but that is only my speculation..

And it let me think about creating our own reality, when we think we will return again and again – it happens. What Sety thinks about Amenti is also true for himsef – and happens because it is his belief. I´m sure I will be mulling this concept over and over in my mind for the next time!

It´s a very recommendable book to everybody who loves to read about the Black Lands and its mysteries. As for me I wish that Sety ad Bentreshyt were forgiven by their gods and are living happily together in Amenti now!