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Terzah´s Sons by Victoria Copus

Storm Constantine's Wraeththu Mythos 'Terzah's Sons' - Victoria Copus, Storm Constantine, Gabriel Strange

Terzah´s Sons is a novel set in Storm Constantine´s wraeththu world. The main character of this book is the har Terzah from the tribe of Kheops. His consort Zen (a former Varr but now Gelaming) was appointed as an ambassador by the Tigron Pellaz-har-Aralis to a settlement of Megalithica for human refugees. Terzah hates humans and has no scruples about killing a human thief whom he caught stealing in his kafta (the traditional dwelling of the Kheops tribe). This incident sets things in motion Terzahl wouldn´t have dreamed of - involving adopting human children, working together with the humans to defend their community against raiders, being confronted with his consorts dark past and so on.

I just love Terzah. His straight forward manner, his sharp tongue (one of my favorite statements are his first words to Zen when they first met at a party in the Tigron´s palace: "Move it,asshole. You´re standing on my hem." and Zen fell instantly in love with him.). I liked to read how he started to care for the community although he was far from being happy that he and Zen had to move to this settlement and how he tried to be there for his adopted sons.

Maybe, before you read this book you should be at least acquainted with the wraeththu (a new hermaphrodite race on earth) and read Storm´s Wraeththu chronicles and histories. You will either love wraeththu or hate them, it depends on if you can do anything with the concept of hermaphrodites or not. But if you get really into their world like I did you will be fascinated for sure. I´m hooked..