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The Blood Books, Volume II by Tanya Huff

The Blood Books, Volume II - Tanya Huff

Blood Lines
Dr. Elias Rax the Curator of Egyptology at the Royal Ontario Museum takes home an intact sarcophagus with an intact seal. That means only one thing – the mummy must be still inside. Dr. Rax and his team expectantly open the sarcophagus and find a complete mummy secured with seals and charms. Suddenly mysterious deaths happen at the museum and nobody can seemingly remember that there had been a mummy at all..

Blood Pact
Vicky´s mother dies of a heart attack and Vicky has to go to Kingston where her mother lived. At the funeral she discovers that the coffin is empty and the corpse is stolen. Through her investigations Vicky, Mike and Henry discover a hidden laboratory at the university where horrible experiments with corpses are done…

I liked Vicky in Blood Pact a bit more than in the previous ones. It amazes me over and over why I have such difficulties to like Vicky´s character. It seems I can find no access to her stubborn attitude at all. And her love for Henry is something I still cannot fathom but okay that´s just me and I can live with it. I´m not that enthusiastic about these books that it really bothers me. And I still don´t think Henry is the most charismatic vampire I ever read about…
In Blood Pact she´s dealing with her mother´s death and the feeling of guilt not having been there for her enough, something that can happen to everybody when a beloved family member dies. Thankfully she has the support of both her lovers who join forces to help Vicky to solve the mystery of the stolen corpse. I´m really curious what consequences Henry´s desperate deed at the end of the book will have in the future..