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The Reckoners by Doranna Durgin

The Reckoners - Doranna Durgin

Although I have no problems following the storyline of other books this book was difficult to read for me because I found the conversations hard to follow. Maybe it´s just my lacking English but the dialogues between the characters were tiresome to comprehend for me.


The plot was confusing at times and the added thoughts of a creature called Skylar didn´t enhance the clarity what was going on – or I just didn´t get. I never figured out what kind of creature Skylar was or the bond it shared with Trevarr but maybe that´s better explained in the following books of the series.


Trevarr the hero of this book is a mystery-monger to the point of being annoying and I could understand Garrie´s frustration to be left in the dark without information. The blooming attraction between the two main characters was slow and nothing really happened except some steamy kisses. I didn´t mind the slow building of their relationship I even prefer it most of the times but it didn´t ring true for me and I wasn´t really convinced about it. Plus there´s the exciting plotline of a seemingly jealous ex-lover thrown into the mix maybe to make the lovestory a bit more complicated for the future – but that´s just my assumption.


Garrie is a tough kick-ass heroine with a big mouth who often doesn´t think before she talks which is a charcater trait I´m not very fond of I admit. That´s surely one of the reasons I couldn´t warm up to her.


I suppose this book wasn´t meant for me and I´m not continuing this series because my interest in the characters and their future adventures is only minimal. Not every book is for every reader ...