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What would Jane Austen do? by Laurie Brown

What Would Jane Austen Do? - Laurie Brown

Usually I´m not really a fan of time travel romances and avoid reading them most of the time. But I thought the premise of this book was interesting and I´ll give it a try. Regrettably I didn´t enjoy reading it as much as I hoped I would and MY prejudice was once again confirmed.


Eleanor Pottinger traveled to Hampshire, England to attend a Jane Austen conference and when she arrives at Twixton Manor Inn her room was accidentally assigned to someone else. Only the tower suite is still vacant but this room is said to be haunted by ghosts.Tired and hungry Eleanor agrees to take the suite because she doesn´t believe in ghosts and is not very concerned about ghostly roommates. Of course she´s taken by surprise when she encounters two ghostly sisters whose brother was killed in a duel twohundred years ago. Eleanor is persuaded to help the sisters and travel back in time to prevent this tragic event....


The book isn´t very exiting and to "spice up" the boring plot a bit, a spy storyline is involved which didn´t make it more interesting. Eleanor is suspected by Lord Shermont, an "undercover" agent, to be this sought-after spy and of course Eleanor feels very attracted to Shermont and vice versa. What irritated my a bit was the use of expressions which really didn´t fit into the timeline, I know Eleanor is a time traveler from today but nonetheless phrases like this "Shermont looked so yummy standing there in the moonlight" and a James Bond reference (supposed to be funny) made me shudder... The resolution of the story and the happy end for our couple was utterly cheesy and so far-fetched I only could shake my head in amazement. Jane Austen has only a marginal role in this play so don´t expect to read anything interesting about her.


All in all it was an okay read but not an outstanding novel and I will again keep my hand´s off of time travel stories for the next years.