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Vegan cooking and living

Vegan. Tut gut – schmeckt gut! - Jérôme Eckmeier

Recently I discovered my fondness for vegan cooking. Not that I´m a 100 % vegan or vegetarian but I noticed I wanted to broaden my horizon with this kind of food. I want to cut back on eating meat because it will help getting my cholesterol level back to normal and I´m just feeling better eating more vegetables and fruits.


The recipes in this vegan cookbook are just what I was looking for: easy, with good explanations how to exchange conventional products with vegan alternatives and -  very important for me - not too many exotic ingredients I wouldn´t  know where to buy. Every recipe has a photo so I can imagine how this dish should finally look and if mine resembles the original :-)


In my opinion a very recommendable book for beginners of vegan cooking!