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Zaubersprüche by Vicky Gabriel

Zaubersprüche. Magische Kräfte für den Alltag nutzen - Vicky Gabriel



Although I´m not someone who is really interested in casting spells I bought this book out of curiosity. The problem with most of the suggested spells in this book is that in no way I´m able to get some of the needed objects mentioned for a certain charm. This seems to be a common problem with many books I´ve read about witchcraft. E.g. for a spell against headache I´d need a horseshoe. Where to get one in a town where cars and buses are the predominant means of transportation and not horse-drawn carriages? See? Maybe my headache would be gone by the time I´d found it but in the meantime I think I´ll stick with aspirin… (and acupressure). Nonetheless this book is quite interesting because of the basic explanations how to create a circle or the author speaks about responsibility when casting a spell and the descriptions of old folk magic (although not very useful in your daily life) is sometimes exhilarating.