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Angel with Attitude by Michelle Rowen

Angel with Attitude - Michelle Rowen

Sitting on her little cloud and innocently playing her harp (okay, I´m kidding) the angel Valerie Grace is suddenly thrown out of heaven and her fall ends in a killer shark tank at Niagara Falls. Confused about being human and seeing no reason why she was kicked out of heaven Valerie tries to adjust to human life. She finds a job at a motel called "Paradise Inn" and her only wish is to go back to heaven. But life is dangerous for a fallen angel, the "other side" in form of the sexy and handsome Tempter Demon Nathaniel isn´t idle to persuade her to change sides and come to hell out of her free will.

One day she learns that she isn´t the only fallen angel around, that her fellow sufferer was given the Key to Heaven and that it was stolen by the evil demon Julian from him. Valerie decides to get the Key back because with its help she´s sure that she can go back home. To achieve this goal she summons with the help of the witch Claire a demon who should be her guide into the underworld. How big is her surprise when Nathaniel appears who is annoyed about her summoning and his failure so far to tempt her to hell and isn´t really enthusiastic about helping her...

It´s a nice book but nothing special. The characters are likeable, even some demons are not the evil villains they should be e.g. one is a romance-writer (well, what shall we think about that fact??). Nathaniel became a demon by accident and isn´t really a bad guy what makes him a bit whiny about his fate in my opinion. I would have preferred a more "demonic" demon to be forced to help Valerie it would have made the victory of love much more interesting.

There was also a bunch of secondary characters like Reggie the man turned into a rat by his jealous witch girlfriend Claire, Lloyd the romance writing demon (under the pseudonym Trixie L´Amour with his own website!), the evil demon Julian, Lucifer´s son who is seeking to raise in his father´s esteem by stealing and using the Key and some more. I liked the sexual tension between Val and Nathaniel and thankfully the main characters in this book didn´t just fall from one bed into another and there are no detailled sex scenes. So if you wait for a big bedroom scene you will be disappointed.

All in all it is a light and entertaining book to spend a quiet evening with reading but don´t expect too much.