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Angelfall by Susan Ee

Angelfall  - Susan Ee

When I read all these raving reviews about Susan Ee´s „Angelfall“ I thought „Could it really be THAT good?“ Let me tell you: in my opinion it was!


First and foremost – I´m not a YA-reader. I´m way beyond all of these teenage dramas and coming-of-age stories. It´s just not important to me anymore. So why did I start reading a book labelled YA? Out of curiosity, I admit. When I started to read this book it had me in its clutches and never let me go till I turned the last page. We are told the story from Penryn´s POV written in present tense. Admittedly this was a bit unusual for me but after a short time of acclimatization it was coherent and didn´t bother me anymore.


Set in a post-apocalyptic world seventeen years old Penryn has to take care of her younger sister with a walking disability and schizophrenic mother who has mood swings between halfway normal and creepily crazy. I really liked Penryn. She had to grow-up fast given her family situation and the situation of the world around her but she still is a young girl who sometimes wishes hard for guidance and care of her mother. When angels abduct her sister she sets out to rescue her with the questionable help of an angel who lost his wings.


This post-apocalyptic world is downright scary. There´s no safe place for anyone anymore, angels are set to destroy humanity but the reasons are unclear and nobody is sure why this happended. The angels are really vicious, inhuman and terrifying beautiful and seemingly divided in fractions each with their own agenda. Penryn and Raffe – the wingless angel – form a temporary alliance to help each other to achieve their respective goals and I loved to read the slow building of something that I won´t call a relationship at this early stage but a slowly building kind of attraction for each other. I wouldn´t want it any other way. A story without even a hint of romance is a lost case in my opinion and I´m happy that there is hope (albeit I can see star-crossed lovers coming my way :-) ).


On their way to get Penryn´s sister and Raffe´s wings back they have a lot of adventures and get caught in human and angel politics. There is a lot of action and horror. Yes, horror. Again one thing I usually don´t read (I´m a bit sensitive in that department) but I was able to deal because the plot was just too captivating to bother with my hypersensitivity…


A fast-paced storyline, likeable characters and a hint of romance what could I ask for more? In my opinion this book deserves a five star rating – I was utterly captivated by Penryn and Raffe and can´t wait to read more what fate (a.k.a. Susan Ee) has in store for them in the future…